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Roses Professional Building Services Ltd is an independent company of Chartered Surveyors. We are here to provide you with good-quality surveying services. We are a team of professionals who are experienced experts in property law and surveying. Our team will provide specialised and tailor-made services to our commercial or residential clients concerning the property. Any advice we provide is in accordance with RICS’s Regulations, Building Regulations, property and planning legislation and other local controls. From our offices, we provide a variety of surveying services including the RICS catalogue: Level 1 – Condition Survey Report, Level 2 – Homebuyer Report, Level 3 – Building Survey and Structural surveys. We are a welcoming and professional team, who are available to offer excellent services, from the point of appointment to providing the clients with their report. Newly established, we offer our clients low priced service packages.

Our Values

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Our group of Chartered Surveyors act professionally, and we comply with RICS’s Rules on Conduct concerning our behaviour and demonstration of technical and mandatory competencies

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Integrity is the defining quality of our staff and our work. We pride ourselves on acting truthfully and honourably. We are committed to our values, and we protect our company culture through our commitment to possessing integrity at an organisational level.

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We can say, with pride, that we provide a high level of service. We endeavour to find ways to improve our services that are on offer by keeping up to date with legislation, Building Regulations and RICS Regulations along with continual training in order to establish innovative work practices or services.

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We hold ethics as a critical element in our company. In fact, as members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), we adhere to RICS’s Global Professional and Ethical Standards.


Our main hubs are in London, Surrey, Kent, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Hampshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, and West Yorkshire but we are Nationwide.

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Brookfield Court, Selby Road, Leeds, LS25 1NB

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