Building Surveyors

Building Surveyors

If you are looking for building surveyors, you are in good hands here at Roses Professional Building Services. 


We an independent company of Chartered Surveyors with accreditations and memberships of all the relevant organisations, including:-

  • Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

  • Institute of Party Wall Surveyors (IPWS)

  • CABE Chartered Association of Building Engineers

  • Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA)

  • Bark – Certificate of Excellence, 2021


We are a nationwide business with main centres in London, Surrey, Kent, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Hampshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, and West Yorkshire.

Our helpful, knowledgeable team will support you and are available for advice from the first contact, until your report is delivered and fully understood.


Professional Building Surveyors


We provide professional surveying services for residential and commercial premises, and we have a record of excellent service and quick response times. Our team of professionals are expert in property law and surveying. 


Our building surveyors will provide specialised and made-to-measure services for our commercial and residential clients.


All advice is provided per RICS’s Regulations, Building Regulations, property and planning legislation and other local controls. We offer property surveys to RICS guidelines with comprehensive reports.


RICS catalogue:

Level 1 – Condition Survey Report,

Level 2 – Homebuyer Report,

Level 3 – Building Survey and Structural surveys.

During the survey, the surveyor will check a considerable range of potential issues using specialised tools, RISC guidelines and years of experience.


What is Checked in a Building Survey?


In a building survey, all primary services will be checked, which include electrical installation, gas, water storage systems and plumbing, room heating and water heating.


The surveyor will inspect every room in great detail. Your surveyor will assess the general room condition, and moisture readings are taken to evaluate for dampness.


Surveyors will inspect the roof construction and the roof space (attic) and check any insulation for suitability.


Chimneys and guttering will be surveyed using specialist cameras or drones if required.


The inspector will assess the inspection of woodwork such as windows, doors, and double glazing to see if it meets the regulations.


All outside areas will be inspected as part of a survey, including trees, shrubs for root intrusion, boundaries for their legality and the whole property will be checked for possible subsidence.


Structural Building Survey

Structural surveys are important on old properties and buildings constructed from older materials or where the overall construction is unusual. Properties such as these regularly have defects that are difficult to assess to the untrained observer. 

Typically older properties suffer from structural integrity issues such as cracks and subsistence. The cost of repairs and remedial actions on old properties are often high, so a survey will ensure you are fully informed. The survey can also include the surveyor’s estimated repair costs for any required work. Repair cost estimates can be helpful in negotiating if any issues are found when buying a property.


Any property with adaptations or extensions should have a survey. Poor renovations or the removal of walls can have a catastrophic impact on structural integrity. As commercial surveyors, we can also provide architectural drawings or work with your contractors for new constructions, renovations or building extensions.


Our Structural surveys start from £850, including VAT and can be ordered directly through our website.


Get in Touch with Our Building Surveyors

Our offices are open Monday – Saturday 07:00 – 19:00. If you have any questions before booking, please call one of our helpful staff, who will be delighted to help. You can contact them on 0113 645 0480 or 07516198840 and by emailing



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