Commercial Surveyors

Commercial Surveyors 


As commercial surveyors, we offer a whole range of services backed by the knowledge that we are Chartered Surveys. 

Our work is all in accordance with RICS’s Regulations, Building Regulations, property and planning legislation and other local controls. From our hubs in London, Surrey, Kent, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Hampshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, and West Yorkshire, we offer a Nationwide service for our clients, domestic and commercial.


The current three hot topics are related to house purchasing in a fast-moving marketplace. 

Many people looking to buy older properties ask, “what is surveying and when is it needed?” This is understandable for a homeowner not fully understanding the role of a surveyor. 


At Roses Professional Building Services Ltd, we consider ourselves “building doctors”. We inspect properties for defects and report the findings to you, the client.

We rate the defects relating to the severity and advise on remedial action. A surveyor is needed if you are looking to purchase an older property that is more susceptible to issues due to age or general condition. In our opinion, you need a survey on every property as even newer builds can hide a multitude of problems, which can work out expensive to repair.


Think of a survey as an MOT for the house. We offer very competitive survey packages across the whole UK, so call us now on 0113 345 0480 or 07516198840 and invest in knowing that your prospective property is safe and a good investment.


RICS Certified Surveyors


Our services are produced according to RICS regulations, but what is a RICS certified Surveyor? The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ rules are strict. There is a strong emphasis that they must be independent without risk of conflict of interest and work in their client’s best interest. 

A RICS chartered surveyor must act honourably in all financial matters and have sufficient professional indemnity insurance to cover their work. We are delighted to say that Roses Professional Building Services Ltd meets all of these criteria and can guarantee a higher level of service and trust than non-regulated surveyors. Should you not be happy with something related to our services, the RICS will deal with disputes and complaints independently. 


So, if you are considering instructing a surveyor, ensure they are registered, chartered surveyors. If you would like to know more about how our services can benefit you, contact us by phone or email at for a friendly chat.


The final “hot topic” is What is Housing Disrepair? 

Housing disrepair is related to rented properties. A property that requires repair to be safe and habitable is known as being in “disrepair”. Your landlord has a legal obligation to keep the property in a good state of repair. 


Disrepair applies, whether they are private landlords, housing associations or local authorities. Suppose you have reported the problems to the landlord without success. In that case, you can arrange for a surveyor to report on the repairs required. 


A survey will ensure your case has professional backing, which usually produces action from a landlord. If you are suffering from a disrepair problem, call 0113 345 0480 or 07516198840 for some no-obligation advice.

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