Damp and Disrepair surveys

Damp Surveys

What are damp surveys?

Our damp survey is a report that focuses on any damp issues that may impact the building’s structural integrity, including the extent of any damage and appropriate next steps to reduce or reverse the problem.

What is included?

1. Site inspection
2. The surveyor will be testing the building structures and fabrics using specialist equipment to identify water infiltration and moisture issues.
3. Report, including causes of the dampness, moisture readings and recommendations on remedial works.

Our Damp Surveys start from £580 including vat

Disrepair surveys

Our Chartered Surveyors will carry out inspections on properties for clients who are either private or social housing tenants to determine if the property is in disrepair under UK Legislation. This is followed by advice on how to get the landlord to repair it.

What is included?

1. Site inspection
2. Identification of defects covered by UK Legislation and Building Regulations.
3. Report, including tenant or landlord liability on repairs, and recommendations on remedial works.

Our disrepair fees vary as seen below:

Legal aid surveyor costs

Outside London rates £85

In London rates £115

Private funded clients can be offered a fixed price package so please contact the office for more details.

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