RICS Catalogue

Valuations: Our comprehensive valuations suite ensures you are correctly pricing assets and making informed decisions.

RICS Surveys: Level 1-3 Adhering to the guidelines set by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), we ensure that our services cater to landlords and property owners with the highest standard of professionalism and expertise. Whether you’re seeking property management, valuation, or consultation, rest assured that our offerings are reliable, transparent, and in line with best practices in the industry.

Expert Valuations with RPBS: Commercial property valuations can be tricky. RPBS Ltd simplifies this with tailored, expert evaluations for all property types. Trust our comprehensive reports for a clear view of your property’s worth. Given the complexity, professional valuations are indispensable Valuing commercial properties is intricate. Beyond simple comparisons, diverse methods, like sales comparison. RPBS Ltd offers expert evaluations, catering to various properties. Our reports, customized to individual needs, are comprehensive yet accessible, making them indispensable for informed property decisions.

Building Surveys

Bespoke Surveys:

At Roses Professional Building Services, we recognize that every property portfolio is unique. We offer customized surveys, allowing you to merge various reports for comprehensive insights into your assets.

Damp Surveys:

Damp issues can compromise your building’s structural integrity, decrease property value, and impact tenant satisfaction. Let us assess, identify, and provide remedies.

Disrepair Surveys:

Ensure the longevity of your properties. Our Chartered Surveyors thoroughly inspect properties to gauge if they meet the UK Legislation standards. Legal aid surveyor costs vary by location. Contact us for fixed-price packages tailored to your property portfolio.

Dilapidation Reports:

Tenancy terminations can lead to disputes over repair obligations. With our detailed dilapidation reports, landlords and managers can smoothly manage end-of-tenancy transitions, ensuring clarity on both sides.

Disability Adaptation Reports:

Stay ahead of regulations. Ensure your properties are adaptable in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.

Land & Boundary Surveying:

Accurate land and boundary surveying ensures you are making the most of every square foot, reducing potential legal disputes and maximizing property value.

Maximize Your Land:

Our land and boundary surveying ensures every piece of property is perfectly utilized, reducing potential disputes, and boosting your property’s value. Land and boundary surveying is paramount to optimize property value and space usage. Accurate surveying can reduce potential legal disputes and ensures efficient utilization of every parcel of land. It forms a cornerstone to make informed decisions in property development, sales, and leasing, ensuring every square foot is accounted for and put to its best use.

Ventilation Surveys:

Modern tenants demand quality air. Ensure your properties meet health standards and offer tenants a mould-free environment with our Ventilation Surveys.

Expert Witness:

Property disputes can be challenging, especially when they advance to legal stages. For landlords and individuals facing such situations, we provide expert witness services. Our seasoned professionals offer unbiased testimonies, helping to clarify intricate property details in legal contexts, ensuring your interests are well-represented and understood.

Party Wall

Understanding Party Wall Surveyors and Your Property

At Roses Professional Building Service, we understand that any construction or renovation can bring its set of challenges, especially when it involves shared walls or boundaries with neighbours. Here is a simplified guide on how our expert Party Wall Surveyors can assist:

What is a Party Wall Surveyor’s role?

Our job is to assess any work that building owners intend to conduct, understand concerns of neighbouring owners, and then draft a fair and unbiased ‘Party Wall Award’. This document outlines the manner and timings of the work, along with any additional provisions necessary.

Our Process:

Initial Notices: We start by serving the required notices. It is crucial these contain the right details and are correctly served. Do not worry; we have the expertise to ensure no hiccups here.

On-site Assessment: Our surveyors will visit the site to gauge the specifics of the situation, ensuring a thorough understanding.

Property Inspection: An essential step where we inspect the adjoining property. This helps us foresee any potential impact of the proposed works and aids in preparing a detailed condition report of the neighbour’s property.

The Party Wall Award: Once we have all the details, we draft the ‘Party Wall Award’. This comprehensive document defines owners’ rights and responsibilities. It specifies aspects like work hours, access permissions during the project, and procedures in case of any damage.

Commitment to Fairness: As surveyors appointed under the Act, our primary duty is impartiality. We are here to ensure a fair outcome for everyone involved.

Resolving Disputes: In rare instances where two Party Wall Surveyors cannot agree, the Third Surveyor steps in, acting like an arbitrator to resolve the matter.

Trust Roses Professional Building Service to navigate the complexities of shared walls and boundaries. We ensure a smooth, transparent, and conflict-free process for all parties involved.

Quantity Surveying

Value for Money Audits

Our comprehensive audits ensure you’re getting the most from your investments. By assessing costs against market standards, we ensure you achieve optimal value without compromising on quality.

Performance Outputs Monitoring

We prioritize efficiency and effectiveness. Our performance monitoring ensures that the intended outputs align with the set objectives, guaranteeing the best results.

Pricing Voids & Maintenance Works

Accurate pricing is essential for property voids and maintenance tasks. We provide precise estimates to ensure budgets are maintained and unexpected costs are avoided.

Pre and Post Cost Estimating

To aid in informed decision-making, we provide detailed cost projections before project initiation and refine them as the project progresses to ensure financial clarity.


With our Bills of Quantities (BoQs) and Schedule of Rates (SoR), we detail all required materials, labor, and other costs, ensuring comprehensive and transparent budgeting.

Template Preparation & Cashflow Forecasting

Efficient cash flow management is key to a successful project. We not only design robust templates but also monitor project expenditures against forecasts to ensure financial health.

Final Accounts Management

We meticulously review all expenditures against the contract sum. Our final account process ensures all costs are justified, with no unexpected surprises at the end of a project.

Tender Analysis & Reports

Our thorough tender return reviews ensure that the selected bids offer the best value and quality. This scrutiny ensures project success and budget adherence.

Post-Project Reviews & Lessons Learned

Every project offers an opportunity to grow. We critically analyze the project delivery process, identifying strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring continuous refinement in our approach.


Non-Domestic EPC Insights:

Considering a property move? The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) highlights a building’s energy efficiency. It is a must-have when constructing, selling, or renting any property. Buildings that regulate indoor climates with systems like heating or AC need an EPC. From 2013, buildings allowing public access must show their EPC rating. Some exceptions apply, such as planned demolitions. Learn More.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC):

Compliance is key. All rented, leased, or sold properties require an EPC.

Structural Engineering

Safety with Structural Surveys:

Do you have an older building?
Our structural surveys dive deep to pinpoint any potential risks, offering you safety and clarity. Structural surveys, especially crucial for older or unique buildings, are about safety and investment protection. They delve into the bones of a structure, identifying potential risks or weaknesses. Such evaluations not only provide peace of mind but also help in planning repairs or renovations.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Selling, renting, or simply curious about your home’s energy efficiency?

We offer legally required EPCs, which include:

Please contact us to be provided with a quote.
Domestic Retrofit:

Step-by-step process: