Building surveyors  carry out surveys on building that in the future will prove be a great asset if you plan to sell a house, buy a home or start significant reforms. Surveyors are experts in all aspects of property construction and the legalities regarding permissions and safety risks.


Your surveyor will help plan a home extension, a renovation or an attic conversion in modern and older properties. They are highly trained, experienced professionals who can save you time, money and stress. Your surveyor will be certified by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)


Let´s look at what building surveyors do and the importance of their work. After your surveyor has taken the instruction and visited the property, the first thing they will do is to prepare the report. A building survey report is extremely comprehensive and will consider a wide range of possible issues with a property, which, if you are purchasing, could cost thousands to rectify.


What is included in a building survey?

The report will be detailed and may include measurements and photos taken to highlight problems.


The report will contain an introduction explaining the property and the conditions under which the survey was conducted, such as sunny or overcast.


All the services will be checked, including electrics, gas, water systems, room heating and water heating. The surveyor will inspect every room, and moisture readings are taken to assess for dampness. Surveyors will note the roof construction, inspections of the roof space (attic), and any insulation. Chimneys and guttering can be surveyed using specialist cameras or drones. The inspector will assess the inspection of woodwork such as windows, doors, and double glazing to see if it meets the regulations. All outside, including trees, shrubs, boundaries and possible subsidence, is considered.


At the end of each report section, recommendations are made for any remedial action that may be required.  


To finalise the report, the surveyor will summarise the estimated costs for repairs and list points pertinent to your legal advisor and any other advice they feel relevant.


You will agree the reports are substantial and will give you all the information necessary to make an informed decision regarding the property.


When hiring a building surveyor for a construction project, you will have a professional advisor on hand who can help navigate the complex requirements for permissions and permits. 


Getting a Building Expert

Employing a building expert will give you unbiased advice after determining whether you or your builders can complete your project safely.  


They will also be able to advise on changes which may result in not needing permits or licenses if your contractor can complete the work within specific guidelines. The building surveyor’s report will also be a valuable document, showing that you are taking the necessary steps to ensure your plan is safe.


Registered surveyors are a precious asset if you purchase or renovate a period home. Old properties are more complex and expensive to repair, especially when subjected to heavy wear and tear. A building survey will provide a detailed analysis of the property condition, with advice and suggestions on restoring it to its former glory.