Structural Surveys

Structural Surveyors


What is the purpose of the structural survey?

Structural surveyors carry out structural surveys, they are usually commissioned on listed buildings, old properties, and buildings that have been constructed in an unusual way because these types of properties typically have defects that may impact the structural integrity of the building such as cracks or subsidence. 

It is also good practice to have a structural survey done for property adaptations or renovation as the removal of walls etc can also impact the structural integrity of the building or site.


What is included by a structural surveyor?

1. Site inspection.
2. Calculations (by request only)
3. Drawings (by request only)
4. Report, including defects assessment with remedial recommendations.
5. Insurance and mortgage reports.


Our Structural surveys starts from £850 including VAT and all of our surveyors are RICS chartered surveyors.

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